How much is my house worth?

That is the question. Or is it?

What your house is worth can be worked out using tried and tested methods available to anyone.

What your house is likely to realise on the open market is a whole other ball game.

That comes down to the experience, skill, and vision of your chosen estate agent to evaluate your property’s key attributes and benefits: everything from it’s location to that quaint round skylight or a cute gable end. ┬áDoubtless. things you’ve become accustomed to over the years. You’ll need to wrap this up in a package of beautifully staged photography and seductive text. Finally, a targeted online and traditional media campaign aligned to the right group of predisposed buyers to create marketing buzz around your property.

If you want to realise the dream of selling your house for the best possible price, in fact, the first question is: who can demonstrate a track record of selling houses at the best possible price … sensitively, carefully, relentlessly, successfully time after time.

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